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Projection and Display Technology has taken precedence in today’s technologically advanced society. As an interactive and informative advertising tool, it can deliver customized, relevant and interesting multimedia content that could be easily created and controlled.

ESCO provides solutions to enhance sales and marketing returns through content creation and a wide selection of intelligent software and hardware from various reputable brands.
Elevate your meeting room experiences with Video Conferencing Solutions from some of our renowned IT partners such as Microsoft, Zoom and Crestron. Here in ESCO, we provide a wide range of Video Conferencing Solutions for all types of Meeting Rooms.
ESCO provides integrated audio solutions to enhance the setting of your work environment. Whether you are sourcing for a simple microphone or a sophisticated audio amplifier, we are fully capable and skilled in recommending you the best solution based on your requirements. Our audio specialist will advise and work with you to define what you need.
The world is always changing and facilitating better workspace management is the key for organization to prosper in a competitive technological-driven world. Effective workspaces are not subjected to space but to the needs of operations. Having the right tools needed to manage a big workspace helps enterprise upraise workforce productivity. We work with renowned partners to provide SMART workspace solutions tailored to our clients need.
In ESCO, we work with renowned partners to provide Immersive technology to your workplace. In an immersive workspace, groups and teams can get right inside any kind of digital content (including immersive, virtual reality or 360° content). So, an immersive workspace is the ideal way for groups of people to work better, smarter and faster. You can now easily bring remotely-located team members into the heart of the discussion with immersive video conferencing.
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