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Priscilla Ho
Department: HR
Q: What do you love about working in ESCO?
A: I love that my daily work is relatively unpredictable and there is much to learn. Almost every day, there is a new challenge or learning point and my daily to-do list tends to change with the events of the day. With this, I can never describe my work as boring. I also love that I am not restricted in my role, I am given opportunities to explore or take on assignments that may be beyond my scope. Moreover, as HR, there is much interaction with the team (or externally).

Q: How would you describe your job at ESCO to other people?
A: Create heroes in every role.

Q: What do you like to do when you are off work?
A: On my off days, I like hanging out with my close friends or family. I also like attending yoga classes or checking out new places for good coffees (and cakes). Otherwise, I am probably lounging around at my friends’ place doing nothing, really.

Q: Could you describe working at ESCO in 3 words?
A: Place for goal-chasers.

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