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Founded in 1986, Heald Ltd design, manufacture and install a range of innovative hostile vehicle mitigation systems. Heald is an international company, a family business and world-class innovators in the field of perimeter security technology. They are the largest manufacturer of quality security equipment in the UK, with approximately 80% of products and services currently being exported internationally.

Heald’s products have been recognised by some of the industry’s leading professional bodies and they have received accolades from IFSEC Security and Fire Excellence, HSBC Global Connections International Business Awards, Home Office ADS Security Innovation, Counter Terror Excellence in Innovation and the Security Excellence Awards.

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Heald, a world-class innovator in the field of perimeter security technology and the largest manufacturer of quality security equipment in the UK, has announced a partnership with Singapore-based ESCO Pte Ltd as it continues its international growth.

The partnership will strengthen its position as a leading supplier of hostile vehicle mitigation solutions across Asia following installations including the Keppel Marina East Desalination Plant in Singapore.

ESCO operates across a large network in Asia and with our partners from all around the world to provide world-class hostile mitigation and security solutions. We implement a robust suite of physical security measures that helps organizations protect their infrastructure from hostile threats, outsourcing and working with partners specialized in the hostile vehicle mitigation industry to provide constructive measures for physical security.

ESCO is a Master Distributor and Local Manufacturing Partner for Asia.

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