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Smart Rooms Automation


Better and Smarter Rooms

The world is always changing and facilitating better workspace management is the key for organization to prosper in a competitive technological-driven world. Effective workspaces are not subjected to space but to the needs of operations. Having the right tools needed to manage a big workspace helps enterprise upraise workforce productivity. We work with renowned partners to provide SMART workspace solutions tailored to our clients need.

Immersive workspaces to suit you and your teams

In ESCO, we work with renowned partners to provide Immersive technology to your workplace. In an immersive workspace, groups and teams can get right inside any kind of digital content (including immersive, virtual reality or 360° content). So, an immersive workspace is the ideal way for groups of people to work better, smarter and faster. You can now easily bring remotely-located team members into the heart of the discussion with immersive video conferencing.

Retrofit Immersive technology into any existing rooms, irrespective of its size, shape or dimensions. Work with the tools you already use, launch and run real-time applications, view websites in 360°, present and interrogate data, access your corporate Microsoft and Google suites, and much more.

Efficient Room Booking system

The modern workplace is fast-paced, flexible and dispersed. From touch screens and scheduling software to illuminated room availability indicators, room scheduling platform provides everything you need to make your workplace more efficient, connected and collaborative across all meeting spaces.

Elevate your work environment

Through technology, ESCO has been enhancing collaboration between people and simplifying complex systems for years. Combining our expertise in AV and experience in corporate space planning, we deliver bespoke solutions catering to your business requirements. We take pride in understanding your needs, communicating the clarity and beauty of each design.

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