Hostile Mitigation

ESCO has collaborated with several reputed Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) manufacturers from UK, Europe, USA and Israel. Together with our Principals, we specialise in a comprehensive range of HVM products under one roof.

ESCO is able to design and install a wide range of products which fit various site applications and clients’ customised requirements. Our products range from active and passive barriers, conventional depth fixed, removable and automatic bollards to innovative shallow foundation solutions for both active and passive bollards.​ All of our products have been physically impact tested by internationally accredited testing agencies.

Apart from bollards, we also specialise in a wide range of Wedge blockers, Crash Beams, Drop Arm Barriers and Gates. All our products are tested to international testing standards like American ASTM F 2656, British PAS 68 and latest IWA 14-1.

Anti-Crash Retractable Bollards

ESCO offers a wide range of Active bollard systems.
Each system comes with a variety of options and has been designed with serviceability in mind.
Each system is tested to international testing standards like American ASTM F 2656, British PAS 68 and latest IWA 14-1.
Shallow foundation and Surface mount Active bollard solutions are available where foundation depth is limited due to underground services and/or basement carparks

Rising Steps

If you are looking for something that creates an imposing security barrier, Heald’s roadblockers are the perfect choice. With a variety of heights available, all of our roadblockers have been PAS68 or ASTM crash tested. Heald’s roadblockers provide you with highly visible security protection.

Anti-Vehicle Fence

Bristorm Zero is the latest high performance Anti-Ram crash (HVM) rated security barrier/fence from Hill & Smith Ltd. It is fully tested and rated to ASTM F2656 M50 P1 meaning it offers zero penetration by the attacking vehicle, travelling at speeds up to 50 mph. Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK, its quality and high performance can be relied upon to protect your valuable site and asset.

The renowned Bristorm Anti-Vehicle Fence consists of an arrangement of high tensile steel ropes supported on steel line posts and secured by anchors posts. All steel components are galvanised for protection from the environment and the high modulus of elasticity of the steel ropes means that re-tensioning is not required. This combination results in minimal maintenance costs thus ensuring a cost effective, high security fencing solution is implemented to protect your perimeter from vehicle borne attacks. All Bristorm Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) Perimeter Fences are tested to PAS 68 and will mitigate 7500Kg vehicles travelling at speeds of 30, 40 and 50 mph.

Non-Crash Rated Bollards

ESCO specialises in a wide range of Non-Crash Rated Bollards tailor made to each customer’s preference and to fit the different site conditions. These bollards have been tested to restrict vehicular access and provide ideal access control solution to commercial complexes, hotels, airports, schools, pickup/drop off points, loading/unloading bays etc.

Bollards come in multiple shapes and sizes and are constructed from a variety of materials. However, it is difficult to determine its effectiveness until they are put to the test in different environments.

Shallow Foundation Bollard System

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Protective Landscape

Bristorm have designed a range of aesthetically pleasing Bollard and Street Furniture Sleeves that sit comfortably over all Bristorm Impeder Bollards and Bristorm Stopper Bollards.

Their high product performance is not compromised and these systems will help mitigate vehicle borne threats therefore providing effective counter terror protection to the general public and UK infrastructure.

Anti-Crash Gates and Barriers

All of our perimeter security bollards have been crash tested to IWA, ASTM and PAS68 standards, meaning you can depend on our products to help secure your site. We have a range of unique bollards including automatic or manual operation. We also supply static bollards.

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