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Intergrated Security Systems

Looking for Bollards, CCTV and other solutions that are related to security in the Philippines?

At ESCO, we believe in the power of security systems to protect your business from both internal and external threats.

Our array of integrated security systems can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Integrated Security Systems



    Bollards prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering restricted areas, protecting buildings and landmarks from damage. They can be passive or active, with active bollards being able to allow authorized vehicles to pass. Some systems have sensors and cameras for real-time vehicle tracking, allowing security personnel to respond quickly. They’re an effective way to ensure safety in high-risk areas.


    A CCTV solution is a security system that uses cameras and video recorders to monitor and record activities in a specific area. It can range from a single camera setup to an extensive network of cameras and software. Many modern solutions have advanced features such as facial recognition and analytics software for proactive intervention. CCTV is a versatile tool for enhancing security and can be customized to meet specific needs.


    A door access system is a security solution that controls access to a building or specific areas within a building. It typically involves the use of electronic locks, key cards, or biometric scanners to allow authorized personnel to enter while preventing unauthorized access. These systems can be customized to restrict access to certain individuals or groups, and can be monitored and managed remotely. Overall, door access systems provide an effective way to enhance security and control access in a variety of settings.


    Structured cabling is an infrastructure solution for networking that uses standardized cabling systems to support communication of voice, data, and video. It provides a reliable and scalable foundation for network connectivity in different environments, including offices, data centers, and industrial facilities. Structured cabling simplifies network management, reduces downtime, and facilitates upgrades and expansion. Overall, it is an important component of an efficient and up-to-date network infrastructure.


    A fire detection system is a safety solution that utilizes sensors to detect smoke, heat, or flames within a building. Upon detection, the system activates alarms and can notify emergency services automatically. Some systems are also capable of controlling other building systems, such as ventilation and access, to help prevent the spread of fire. A fire detection system is a crucial part of any fire safety plan as it provides early warning and facilitates a quick response, reducing the potential for property damage and personal injury.


    A public address (PA) system is a communication solution that enables announcements, music, and other audio to be broadcasted to a large audience. PA systems can be found in various settings, such as schools, shopping centers, sports arenas, and transportation hubs. They typically consist of speakers, amplifiers, and microphones, and can be controlled remotely. PA systems are essential for emergency notifications, public announcements, and entertainment purposes. Overall, they provide a convenient and effective way to communicate with a large audience in real-time.

    We can assist with security system deployment for businesses of all sizes, from small enterprises to large corporations. Our track record includes successful projects for companies across the spectrum.

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