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ESCO Room Subscription

Monthly Subscription Model for Your Workplace Technology

Get state of the art pre-configured meeting room solutions.  Only 30 days termination notice!

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    *Terms and Conditions apply
    Increasing Efficiency, Reducing Costs
    Manpower costs going down
    Real Estate costs going down
    Utility costs going down

    In an era of a hybrid workplace, it is imperative to have an agile and efficient workforce. Enabling your workforce with the right technology will allow you to not only save on manpower costs but decrease your entire business’ operational costs. A leaner workforce means less real estate costs, which in turn leads to less utility costs.

    Step 1: Select your VC Platform of Choice

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    Both include Bring Your Own Device Functionality (BYOD)

    Step 2: Select your Room Size

    Small Room

    (Up to 5 people)

    One time activation fee of  SGD$1,800 applies

    Medium Room

    (Up to 10 people)
    SGD$450/ per month

    One time activation fee of  SGD$2,200 applies

    Large Room

    (Up to 15 people)
    SGD$550/ per month

    One time activation fee of  SGD$2,500 applies

    Each room comes with:

    • Appropriate Display size per room size
    • Tabletop Touch Control Panel
    • Conferencing Camera mounted above /below display
    • Integrated Display Mount and Technology Enclosure
    • Onsite  Customer Support on Business Days (8am to 5pm)

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