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Reinforced Structures

Buildings are constructed using a structural frame typically of steel, concrete, bricks or timber. There are many different types of walls and floor systems that are used within buildings, but together these elements can play an important role in protecting occupants and assets from the effects of blasts and other security threats.

Building regulations already cover the requirement for structural framing to be designed against progressive collapse. Specific security requirements may require enhancement of the framing to withstand events such as the close detonation of a VBIED, ballistics threat and ramming attack.

In ESCO we able to design and install the following solutions based on your site risk assessment and security design:

· Partition wall Design
· Intrusion and force Resistance of Walls
· Ballistic Resistance of Walls
· Intrusion and force Resistance of Doors
· Ballistic Resistance of Doors
· Intrusion Resistance of Windows and Glazing
· Ballistic Resistance and Windows
· Ceilings and Floors

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