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ESCO SS EN1991 Bollards


ESCO Specializes in a variety of fixed & Removable bollards tailor made to individual customer choice and to fit varying site conditions.
Safety Bollards are usually deployed along the driveway’s of the building to protect the occupants from an accidental vehicular impact. The design of such safety bollards are usually in compliance with Euro Code EN 1991-1-7: 2006. It is also known as BS EN 1991-1-7: 2006 under British standards. Its Singapore equivalent standard recognized by BCA is SS EN 1991-1-7: 2006

Safety Bollards

Under EN 1991-1-7:2006, different design loads are required for different site applications as indicated in the table below. Together with our Expert Qualified Engineers, we are able to design and supply Safety Bollards meeting various design loads and site applications.

Indicative effective design load under EN 1991-1-7: 2006

Category of Traffic Force Fdxa


Force Fdya


Motorways and country national and main roads 1000 500
Country roads in rural area 750 375
Roads in urban area 500 250
Courtyards &parking garages with access to:

– Cars








ax= direction of normal travel, y=perpendicular to the direction of normal travel

b The term “lorry” referes to vehicles with maximum gross weight greater than 3.5 tonnes

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