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Top 04 Technology trends in education

Not only the online learning software as Zoom, Microsoft team, but other technologies are also now become more popular and can well support for teaching, especially during the Covid situation. This article mentions four modern technologies which are expected to be a trend in the near future.

01. Smart display

Blackboard with chalk is a familiar couple with almost Vietnamese classes, the convenience, friendly and cheap price are the main reasons why it is used in classes except the effects from chalk dust to users’ health.

The appearance of projectors, smart interactive displays with the main concept of blackboard and chalk will be the trend in the future. An intuitive color display combined with ELMO visualizers makes it become a useful teaching tool. The Interactive board and ELMO Visualizer duo are effectively used for both online and offline classes.

02. Data analytics

Data is a valuable asset that helps to analyse, evaluate, estimate and propose solutions.

It cannot deny that experienced teachers can rate students, big data plays an important role in supporting managers to build a plan and optimize the teaching method and device equipment and human resources in school.

03. VR, AR and other immersive technologies

Let’s imagine, when joining a class, both teachers and students can easily get lost in the Virtual reality environment of a historic lesson.

ứng dụng công nghệ AR trong lớp học

Yes, it is not a dream. Nowadays, virtual reality, immersive technology, and artificial reality technology developed and got some achievements, this is not the imagination anymore. For example, you can walk around a dinosaur and see it walking, roaring… instead of watching in video or from the image. Nowadays, VR, AR technology allow people to taste, feel and smell… which is predicted to become a trend in education.

khủng long 3D trong lớp học

04. One-on-one computing

Before Covid 19 pandemic, owning personal electric devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets… seems like unrealistic for students, but now, everything is changed. In what people call “new normal” activities, online learning requires students to get their personal devices to support them during studying. That’s why one-on-one computing is no longer a new concept in Vietnam. From that, students will have more opportunities to access electric sources as e-book, videos, e-classroom…

One-on-one computing

Keeping up with technology trends to make learning more interesting and effective is essential to diversify and optimize teaching methods and approaches to lectures. To learn more about smart classroom technologies in Vietnam, please contact:

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