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Webinar: The New Future of Education – Immersive Classroom (Recap)


What are Immersive Rooms and why are they beneficial for the Education Sector? We answered these burning questions in our recent webinar with Igloo Vision, an expert in building Immersive Rooms.


We had 2 special panellists in the webinar and they are Darren Rod, Global Account Manager from ESCO Singapore and Theo Penty, Head of Educational of EMA & North America from Igloo Vision.



The New Future of Education - Immersive Classroom (Recap)



”We’re very excited to be partnered with Igloo Vision, a company who, in our eyes and globally, is really pushing the boundaries of creating some exciting immersive experiences for well over a decade now and is currently working with several of our global GPA partners, and we just have to get on board as well. We’re thrilled to be part of this exciting new space. The system and solutions have received great reviews globally, and we’re excited to see what’s next,” – Darren Rod, Global Account Manager, ESCO Singapore





After the introduction, we had Theo Penty share with us more about the different types of Immersive Technologies they provide to various clients, especially in the Education Sector and how these technologies have helped to increase engagement between students and teachers in education industry. He shared with us the different case studies from different Universities leveraging Immersive technologies such as Igloo Cave, Immersive Cylinders and Cube and Immersive Domes.



”Now, you’re probably aware already that there is a growing body of research and evidence about the benefits of immersive learning. They improve retention and improve student engagements and learning. It is an overall enhanced learning experience. Now, working inside a room like this, an Igloo classroom: it’s a bit like walking inside a VR headset that without the restraints of having to wear headsets glasses, and we allow users to engage with immersive content in a more traditional way,” – Theo Penty, Head of Educational Business of EMA & North America, Igloo Vision



At to end of the webinar, we had a Q&A section whereby attendees was able to ask any question for our panellists to answer.


For those who have attended, we hope that you enjoyed the webinar and have gained valuable insights about the Immersive Classroom. If you have missed the webinar or would like to rewatch the session, do watch the video below.


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