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Distance Monitoring- Kramer Corona Tag

Kramer has recently launched their new Corona Tag, a distance monitoring device that is designed to keep track of contact with people within office, school, public space and many more. Follow Jonatan Medina, AVP of Innovation and Design as he explains more about the device and the importance of it.

Kramer Corona Tag rely on Bluetooth technology to measure the distance between the Tags. It preserves the individual private data as all the information stored in the Tag will be Tag numbers, contact distance, and no private data will be in the equation. Furthermore, only the administrator can access to the information on the device itself and it can only be done physically which is through connecting the Tag via USB to a PC/Laptop that have a dedicated software. The information is only kept for 2 weeks and the past records will automatically be erased.

The Tag is fully independent and only runs on batteries, which can last approximately 4 months. The Kramer Corona Tag is a very simple system and does not require any infrastructure for deployment.

If you are interested on deploying a simple yet effective solution for contact tracing, please do not hesitate to contact ESCO at


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