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Mediasite RL Mini

Mediasite RL Mini


The plug-and-play Mediasite RL Mini makes it easy and affordable to equip smaller teaching and learning spaces, or rooms without built in AV sources, with automated video capture. Simply mount the RL Mini anywhere, connect your camera and content source, and you’re ready to schedule recordings. Mediasite RL Mini’s capture-to-publish workflows guarantee you never miss a teaching, training or learning moment. All content is immediately published to your Mediasite Video Platform or Mediasite Video Cloud, providing everything you need to manage, secure, share, search and track your video.

  • Record and synchronize video from an IP or USB camera with any HDMI content source like a laptop, whiteboard or visualizer
  • Preserve every detail including annotations and mouse movements
  • Pre-schedule recording start/stop times or import existing timetables
  • Guarantee the best possible video quality reaches every screen with adaptive bit rate streaming ​

  • Local and remote confidence monitoring for audio, video and content quality
  • Start/stop/pause recordings, adjust capture settings, manage publishing and more
  • Ensure all Recorders are always up-to-date with web-based updates

  • Deepen learning with polls, ask-a-question, bookmarks, sharing, post-video surveys and related links
  • Pinpoint exact video moments with SmartSearch and quickly navigate with slide previews and chapters
  • Rearrange, resize or pop-out content to focus on what’s most important
  • Experience the same interactive playback on any device

  • Trim, cut and fade; add video intros/outros, chapters and watermarks; update/replace slides
  • Safely revert to any previous version with a complete revision history and non-destructive editing
  • Collaborate with others using review/edit/approve workflows to ensure quality

  • Reduce production and support staff requirements with operator-free recording
  • Eliminate user learning curves and training
  • Ensure all Recorders are always up to date with web-based updates

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